Tesorso Logistics, Dickinson, ND

As Tesorso Logistics presence in North Dakota grew, so did their need for a larger operational space. A facility was needed to provide oil field services, pump trucks, serve remote oil platforms, and allow mechanics room to work. With very few resources in the area, and a minimal amount of reputable construction companies near, Tesorso Logistics called upon Scull Construction to travel north and deliver. Proper planning, along with great coordination, allowed us to complete this project within the allotted time of nine months. The end result was a facility that has 12,000 square feet of office space and meeting areas, along with special project areas. The shop provides 7,500 square feet of space to service and maintain the fleet of Tesorso vehicles and equipment, and has full pull-through capability. The site sits on seven acres, with five acres of that being paved with concrete.

ArchitectGT Architecture
Delivery MethodCMAR
Size20,000 sf

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