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Safety is an integral part of our Culture and Core Values.   Protecting workers and the public is priority one.  Scull Construction has been awarded the GOLD Level Safety Certificate of Achievement from AGC & OSHA for our commitment and strict adherence to the stringent safety requirements of both AGC & OSHA. We have a written Safety Policy, frequent Safety Training, access to any Safety Equipment, and Proactive Safety Scheduling to get any job done safely.

This strong commitment to safety is demonstrated by our developed and documented safety program that is managed by a full-time Safety Director. There are very high expectations set for this position. Our Safety Director runs an extensive training program and makes regular visits to every job site to keep safety a top priority for all trades and employees.

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Construction crews are equipped with knowledge and resources to adhere to work safety guidelines. Scull Construction provides any equipment necessary to safely complete each project, and rewards employees for their commitment to safety through our Safety Rewards Program.

Scull Construction's written safety program addresses OSHA requirements, training, and inspection. We require the same commitment from our subcontractors.

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Corporate Commitment to Safety

Safety in all Scull Construction Operations is not just a corporate goal, it is a requirement!

Scull Construction has formulated this written policy to govern all company operations. It is a condition of employment with Scull Construction that all employees adhere faithfully to the requirements of this policy, as well as the safety rules, instructions, and procedures issued in conjunction with it. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

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It is a condition of all subcontracts and purchase orders issued by Scull Construction that this policy and the safety rules, instructions and procedures issued in conjunction with it, as well as all applicable state, federal and local codes and regulations be adhered to. Failure to comply is a breach of contract terms.

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All visitors to any Scull Construction operation including but not limited to suppliers, owner representatives, agents of the architect or engineer, regulatory authorities and insurance company representatives shall be required to follow all safety rules and regulations in effect during their visit. Visitors will be required to participate in a safety orientation prior to coming onto the job site.

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Scull Construction will make an effort to ensure that the operations of other contractors not under our control do not endanger the safety of our employees. To this end all employees are required to report hazardous activities of other employees to appropriate Scull Construction officials.

The Safety Director, General Superintendent, Operations Manager, Job Superintendents and Foremen have the full support of the management in enforcing the provision of this policy as it relates to responsibilities assigned to them.

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