Employee Spotlight

At Scull Construction our greatest asset is our people.  Part of our mission is a focus on growing and sustaining a phenomenal workforce and work environment, which is key to meeting the unique needs of our clients and the communities in which we live.  At every stage of our employees’ careers, we invest in them and ensure their strengths and interests are being nurtured.  Our goal is to maximize individual potential and expand our people’s professional opportunities so they will contribute positively to the business, their families, and the community.

One of the ways we invest in our employees is by participating in a carpentry apprenticeship program which is taught by our own superintendents. The program is no cost to our employees and is a stepping stone to a full-time career with us. The result is that our teams are composed of properly trained, talented, and motivated individuals.   

As a family business, our employees are part of our family and their success and well being is our priority. We work hard to ensure that our employees are immersed into a healthy and safe work environment each and every day. Each month we will spotlight an employee to give our clients and surrounding community the opportunity to hear directly from them regarding their contributions to the business and our community. We believe that when you invest in your employees, the whole community benefits.

Jeremy Seifert is a Concrete Foreman with Scull's effective concrete team.
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